Freelance Wizard

It’s not magic, but it’s very close

I can make your business grow, designing beautiful but simple to use websites to suit your needs

The core of my freelance projects are built using fully mobile responsive WordPress themes which guarantees your website will look awesome on all devices. Using CSS and Javascript I can enhance the themes to add bespoke beauty if you want that extra pizzaz.

I will work with you to understand your customer base, ensuring that we understand what the website is going to be used for before designing or building anything.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which means it stores all the pages and content for us, it allows me to add the design easily to create individual style for you without having to worry about the content. We can easily switch that style as your brand grows/changes and the back end can stay the same, equally we can change the content independently of the styles, you would be able to easily add pages and content without having to involve me with your changes, its as simple as writing a Word document.

The other great advantage of WordPress is it is quick, and robust. The framework of the page is set up by the CMS almost instantly, allowing me more time to focus on the design of the site. WordPress have a whole team of people ensuring that framework works as it should do, which is great for us, it is easy to update when new versions are available. At the time of writing this 29.7% of all websites on the internet are made with WordPress, that’s a big number of websites out there.

Why Me?

I have over 10 years experience in Website Design, and Development, creating designs for some of the UK’s biggest companies.

I will be on hand to answer your questions, I won’t leave you in the dark with progress, I know that communication is key and I will be in touch throughout the whole process to ensure we are both on the same page with the direction we are heading.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out some comments that people have left for me on LinkedIn

More importantly though, I love what I do – I love creating websites and breathing life in to your business. My process for creating your website will be unique to you, but the steps we go through will be following this plan:

Step 1. Brief and Specification setting

Step 2. Research and Design

Step 3. Develop and Communicate

Step 4. Finish and Deliver